Premier Choice Foods produces and distributes dehydrated vegetables to a variety of end users, working exclusively with factories throughout the world.In addition to trading ingredients, our manufacturing partners are dedicated to the production and export of dehydrated vegetables, specializing in potato products. Our competitive advantages resides in three distinct areas: advanced dehydration methodologies, selection of only the finest raw materials (vegetables), and our expansive sourcing network. These advantages further translate into our pricing capabilities as we’re able to pass along cost savings of our fine products onto our end buyers. Request a sample and associated lab report today to see if our products match your needs.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Usage of superior raw materials (vegetables) in our dehydration process
  • Advanced dehydration techniques
  • Comprehensive sourcing capabilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • In-place safety measures and compliance testing
  • Environmentally sound practices
  • Ability to produce/source custom variations

Food Quality & Safety

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